Mega Scan Pro 2019 Gold Metal Detector abu dhabi,united arab emirates
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Mega Scan Pro the Best Gold Detector device

MEGA SCAN PRO 2019 It discovers treasures to a depth of 40 meters

Three integrated search systems for all needs of professional prospectors.

The new ionic scanning system, which can be used to detect ionic fields that have been solved from buried mineral targets for a long time underground, offers the best way to find gold treasures.

The long-range sensor system, which can now detect targets from distances up to 2000 meters in front of it and can detect treasures up to 40 meters underground.

– With Mega Scan Pro does not need to buy a device to detect gold and another metal detector… As the device is a number of devices in a single device with 10 programs are accurate:

– A program to detect hidden gold and treasures

– Natural Gold Detection Program

– Silver detection program

– A program for uncovering tunnels, caves, and spaces

– Bronze Detector Program

Platinum Detection Program

– Copper detection program

– Iron detection program

– A program to detect gemstones

– Diamond detection program


3- Magnetise strong system to find magnetic minerals such as iron, can

Use them to find underground cavities such as tunnels, rooms and so on.


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– Factory guarantee 5 years

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Mega Scan Pro 2019 | Long Rang Locators Systems

Mega Scan Pro Best Gold Detector


Mega Scan Pro 2019 Gold Metal Detector

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