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Nothing stops you from falling in love at the first sight of an upholstery couch and living room carpets at the showroom. It is not your weakness, the quality of upholstery and the carpet is capable of enhancing the ambiance of the home or business premises. The main deterrent for someone to purchase them is the volume of footprints likely to stain them. However, this should not disappoint you since a periodical and regular care in maintaining the furniture etc. would restore a “brand new look” for the upholstery as well as carpets.


Upholstery Cleaning Services


In case, you are of the opinion to opt for cleaning as and when you notice discoloration or stains on either upholstery or carpet, you are absolutely incorrect. To ease your tension and stress, you can engage the carpet & upholstery cleaning service in UAE. Since the naked eyes cannot notice dust pollutants, harmful bacteria, grime, etc., you are sure to ignore the necessity of professional cleaning.


  1. Dry Cleaning


The manufacturers make it easier with a label “W” meaning that you can clean the upholstery with water and “S” meaning you need to opt for the required solvents. However, the professional upholstery cleaner alone can vouch for the relevant solvents for each type of upholstery depending upon the nature of stains.

You should realize that any professional service for cleaning precedes the preparatory arrangements for an impeccable and reliable service. Without these prelims, probably, you will not get a long-lasting result.

The primary requirement is to go for vacuuming the upholstery thoroughly to remove loose dirt and dust. Next step is to select some insignificant area to test check the cleaner you propose to use. Thus, even in case of an inappropriate cleaner, it will not leave any marks on the conspicuous area.


  1. Steam Cleaning


Another method of cleaning the upholstery is steam cleaning. You should realize that steam carpet cleaning is not a job, which you can execute at home with a DIY guide. There are many occasions when some people throw up their hands in vain before finally engaging a professional cleaner.


Even when you entrust the job to a small company engaged in upholstery cleaning Dubai, you might find that they saturate with an excessive quantity of water along with soaps and detergents. In the process, the carpet requires 1 or 2 days for drying. This amounts not only in wastage of water but will also be a breeding source for bacteria, mold, and mildew resulting in health problem for the occupants of the premises. If the soapy residue settles down on the carpet, it further attracts more dirt and dust easily and gets dirty quickly.


The company who renders professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service in its true sense avoids soaking the carpets like routine carpet cleaners. The advanced technological method uses millions of microscopic bubbles, which explode the dirt accumulated from deep in the carpet fibers or the upholstery. It might surprise you that this method consumes a miniscule volume of water about only 20% compared to the typical steam carpet cleaners.

  1. Upholstery Protection

You might find a routine maintenance, and a professional service for upholstery is causing more inconvenience, especially when the premises is a public place or high-traffic areas like a hospital clinic or a showroom. Of course, you can minimize your hassles by opting for upholstery protector.

If you can zero down your requirement and expectation from the upholstery protector, it is not a difficult task to pick up the right product.

You can use the protectors to repel spill of any liquid on any household items of upholstery beside the fabric like curtains, table linen or the luggage, etc. In addition to protection, it also helps the furniture in looking like a new item, which extends the life of furniture. It is needless to say that it does not leave behind any odor once dried. This would be ideal for the interior of automobile vehicles too in addition to home furniture.

The stain-proof protector produces not only an invisible shield that repels water and other liquids but also acts as a buffer between the external unpleasant odors and upholstery.

In case, the upholstery has any food stains, the technician will adopt a different method. After using vinegar, you can use baby wipes and apply relevant laundry upholstery product. Anyway, the minor food stain is not a serious issue for anyone. Only when the tough stains spoil the upholstery, professionalism plays an important role.

Carpet Cleaning Services


You will agree that carpet requires periodical care and maintenance because it is a textile product. They are prone to get damaged by the way of dirt, dust, grime, food stains, occasional oil or grease stains because of the regular and high volume of footprints. In case of a high-traffic location, the potential chances of soiling and accumulation of stains and dirt are more.


The regular tracked-in dirt and dust accumulate on the carpet surface. If the same is not removed at certain intervals, it will find its way down into the deeper surfaces and pile under the foot traffic. There is no exaggeration that such a situation might result in reducing the life of a carpet.


  1. Professional Dry Cleaning


Probably, it is not a bad idea to vacuum the carpet at least once a week so that the dirt and dust do not embed into deeper surfaces. However, vacuuming the carpet takes care of the superficial surfaces. With a view to having a thorough and perfect service, you need to depend on a carpet cleaner who does a professional job. You should seek a professional cleaning service of the carpets at least every fourth time if not every third time. Of course, do not wait for the monthly service if you find any food, oil, or grease stains since an immediate intervention by a specialized technician would save you in many respects.


In case you notice any food stains on the carpet, a reliable and dependent method adopted by the specialized person includes appropriate dry cleaning solvent or water solution. Sometimes, simple methods by ammonia solution with water mixture could also take care of the food stains.

In case you notice any stains still wet, you need to blot the excess grease with a towel or damp paper. The help of baking soda is a good idea to remove grease stain if you leave upholstery to absorb the soda. Then you can dry clean the upholstery with an appropriate solvent. If the residue of grease still exists, you can repeat the process once again.


The accumulation of normal dust is easy to clean for anyone. However, in case you cannot see the dirt or dust, you certainly need to seek the services of carpet cleaning Abu Dhabi for an effective result. I am sure you will agree that you cannot reach the dust or dirt, which settles down deep into the cushions. The job becomes easy in case the cushion under the upholstery is removable. But, it is not always the case. Therefore, depending on the professional, it is necessary to use the appropriate vacuuming attachment. The routine vacuum cleaner too might not reach to the corners or narrow gaps to remove the dust.

  1. Steam Cleaning of a Carpet

This is an alternative method for vacuum cleaning. Some novice people have a notion that steam cleans the carpet. The fact is that the steam pumped through a machine along with detergent or chemical alkaline for synthetic carpets and acidic for wool or natural fiber carpets does the trick. The suction of wet vac makes the carpet dry faster making it ready for use within a short time. If you are allergic to any chemical, there is no difference in dry cleaning or steam cleaning since both use chemicals. The only option left out is vacuum cleaning.


Steam cleaning is nothing but shampooing the carpet using hot-water extraction. The professional team of carpet cleaning Dubai can identify non-toxic and hypo-allergic products, which are free from dyes and perfumes for the health of occupants to avoid any allergic conditions. The professional company deploys powerful steam cleaning equipment, which can spray more detergent steam for faster cleanup. Similarly, the machines can suck the water faster than domestic cleaning machines, which take time.


  1. Protecting the Carpet


If you feel any user is likely to mess up the carpet spread on the premises, especially a public place or a business premise, you can think of the carpet protector.


The unprotected carpet is susceptible to the spill of any liquid, which allows the fibers of a carpet to absorb the mess. This will certainly leave a stain on the carpet besides creating an unpleasant odor. Here comes the protector as a shield between the liquid and a carpet. In other words, the carpet protector repels the liquids and does not allow fibers to absorb the spill.


Another advantage of the carpet protector is that it prevents the ultraviolet sunrays fading the color of a carpet. The protector is also beneficial if you have children at home or pets in the family or in a high-traffic area.


There is no value-addition if you opt for the water-based protector for polyester or a plastic-based fiber. Though there are solvent-based protectors, using the most appropriate protector for the carpet is highly recommended.


USP of a Professional Service Provider


The technical team of carpet upholstery cleaners is fully equipped with all the required materials. A preliminary inspection will yield to determine the actual requirement of a client. Before a working staff jumps into the job, a professional service provider ensures to pre-treat the furniture or upholstery with proprietary products so that the shine and glitz of the furniture do not fade away. Moreover, they possess portable extractors, which show their professionalism and expertise.


Annual Maintenance Contract


You can entrust the job to a professional company as one-time service or on a monthly basis. Probably, it is worth if you enter into an Annual Maintenance Contract for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service, which would avoid the repeat process thus saving your time too.

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