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Fire may occur anytime anywhere and remember in any kind of facility. No one denies that fire is nothing but a chemical reaction ignited by heat energy where the presence of oxygen in the air facilitates the substance to burn. No doubt, it is a great friend of humanity when used in a controlled and safe manner. However, if the same fire spreads in an uncontrolled manner, it can be a vicious enemy for the mankind, property and any living creature nearby. Therefore, the aim is to minimize the risk of fire prevention from starting in an uncontrolled manner. Thus, a firefighting system assumes importance for a building, public place or an industrial house, etc.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that a fire-fighting system is not a priority item while you raise a building or even there is a congregation of humans, albeit temporarily for attending some function or an event. In case of any exigency, an appropriate fire-fighting system minimizes the loss of lives as well as to the structures. The list of intangible benefits of a proper fire-fighting system is long. Therefore, State authorities recognized the due value of a system and made the appropriate fire and safety equipment mandatory without which the occupancy certificate is not issued. The firefighting system comprises any or all of the features depending on the size, type, and age of the structure.

    • The first line of attack is through fire extinguisher of multiple variants like car fire extinguishers, portable devices, etc.

    • Fire blanket to extinguish incipient fires

    • You can also control fire by enhancing the pressure by hose reels, isolated valves, etc.

    • Fire Hydrant System working on the water reticulation system minimizes the role of fire hoses and allows the trained persons to douse or control the fire. The concomitant system includes pumps, water tank, and fire service booster.

    • Auto Sprinkler System is a very sensitive system for controlling the fire, and therefore, more reliable system in saving the lives of the occupants and property.

Any experienced person understands that a firefighting system for each building is different, say an individual dwelling, a bungalow or a castle, a palace, condominium of dwelling units like an Apartment complex, or an industrial unit, etc. Therefore, you could visualize the requirement while planning the structure and integrate the firefighting system. The extra mile going beyond the basic and mandatory compliance would be a long way in achieving the objectives.

Types of Firefighting Solutions

  1. Car fire extinguisher

Fire might occur anytime anywhere, and the car is no exception. A portable car extinguisher of about 1 or 2kg capacity is good enough in case of any fire while you are in the car. The seat below the driver is a preferred place beside the trunk of a car. Though it is not a statutory requirement, you are in a position to save someone’s life and property at the same time safeguard your own and other occupants of the vehicle.

  1. Portable fire extinguisher

A portable fire extinguisher is highly dependable and handy to control the fire at the incipient stage. You can place portable extinguishers in the proximity of the facility to save time-lag to fetch the extinguisher. They comply with the guidelines prescribed by the occupational safety and health administration or the local administration as the case may be. There are multiple firefighting equipment suppliers who will supply and install various types of such systems with advanced technology and also meet the requirement of a smaller and individual dwelling unit.

As is a common practice, the portable extinguishers are available in models of ABC Dry powder, AFFF foam, Water and C02 models. Depending on the class of fire like electrical, hydrocarbon fuel fire, Combustibles, Liquids, metal or cooking media like the oil, fats, or the grease, etc., you can opt for supply and installation of the portable fire extinguishers.

  1. Fire blanket

In case of fire in a factory, hospital clinics, schools, or restaurants, you can use a fire blanket to extinguish the incipient fire at the source. Since the fire blanket is made of woven glass fiber material, the kitchen or near the facility is a convenient place for immediate use. They are generally used in case of temperature up to 900 degrees. While using the fire blanket against a solid background, you can achieve the objective within a short time.

When you use the blanket, in fact, you are preventing one of the main facilitators, i.e. oxygen to enter the combustible product. You will be glad to know that a fire-fighting company can supply and install not only the full-fledged fire hydrants or sprinkler system or any advanced fire fighting system, but also smaller units to control the fire of a minor nature.

  1. Mobile fire extinguisher

As you know, you can place a portable fire extinguisher in the proximity of a facility, or you can also wall-mount the same. While only one person can use the portable extinguisher, two persons can make use of the mobile fire extinguisher. Another advantage of this device is that it is useful to extinguish the fully developed fire. The use of portable extinguisher is in general confined in controlling the incipient fire. Therefore, the extended use in controlling the developed fire can be met with the aid of a mobile extinguisher.

Since a mobile device can reach the target place within a short time because you can wheel the extinguisher. You can achieve a double benefit of controlling the developed fire too without a loss of time.

To operate the mobile extinguisher, you need to carry and activate the device while the second person needs to channelize the flow in a direction of the fire by holding the horn of a device.

Though you might take a little more time in drafting the mobile extinguisher compared to that of a portable device, the flow rate of the mobile extinguisher is higher compared to the portable device. Therefore, you will be able to douse the fire within a shorter time even in case of developed fire.

The company rendering firefighting solutions in UAE can meet the requirement of supply of the required number of extinguishers either portable or mobile units.

  1. Fire fighting trailer

A multi-purpose water storage tank is also called a fire-fighting trailer. You can conveniently hitch the trailer for towing, and that is it, you can transport the trailer to any location. The major advantage of this trailer is that you can fill the water using a pump, filter and you can directly take the trailer to the water resource point like lakes and ponds. Even if you are alone, you can perform the job of pumping, towing, and the use of fire suppression or fire fighting efficiently like a fire fighter.

You may argue that the trailer is useful only in exceptional cases of fire and it is a dead investment. However, you can take multiple benefits of the trailer for turf watering, tree spraying, irrigation, or water transportation purposes too. Therefore, you will have a dual purpose of fire fighting trailer.

The trailers present a great value and equal usability of trailer-mounted fire fighting units for industrial and public utility facilities.

  1. Fire cabinet

The wall-mounted fire cabinet can house the fire hose and the tap for dousing the fire. This is a cabinet where you can keep any other material aiding the fire fighting or minimizing the fire.

The fire cabinet is also referred to in some geographical regions as the safety cabinet. In case, you need to store flammable liquids, corrosives or other hazardous materials safely, without the risk of an eventual fire. Therefore, the fire cabinet protects the contents preventing any contribution to a fire. Storing the combustible material in a haphazard and unsafe method is a direct invitation to the hazard. You can thus protect the contents from exposing to the fire. This will facilitate the safe evacuation of occupants of the property.

  1. Fire alarm

The integration of multiple devices into a single fire alarm system has many advantages. The audio and visual appliances can detect and caution the people when smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide is present in the premises. The heat and smoke detectors can automatically activate the alarm system if it senses the temperature in excess of the desired level. You have a choice of installing wall mountable sounders, motorized bells, speaker strobes, or horns. Different variants of volume levels ensure optimum decibel you prefer in case of an emergency.

  1. Fire pumps & controller

The controller is either diesel-based or electric-based, which sends a signal from the pressure switch, and the fire-pump starts. You need to have only one control panel for each fire-pump for safety reasons. The fire pump should conform to the prescribed guidelines of the statutory or regulatory authorities. You should ensure that the fire controller is placed in the fire pump room so that you can visually monitor the operation. It is recommended that you can install a duplex system where one pump will be duty pump and the second pump on standby.

  1. Sprinkler system

The Sprinkler system is an advanced and dependable fire fighting technology, which is prevalent in many condominium apartments. Earlier, this system was confined to major industrial areas and factories in addition to commercial buildings. With the availability of cost-effective sprinkler system, builders of smaller buildings are also evincing interest in installation of a reliable system. This technology consists of water supply system, which ensures adequate pressure and flow rate to the water distributing system. You will be delighted to know that about 96% of fire in large buildings is minimized and controlled by the sprinkler heads.

The sprinkler head is closed with a heat-sensitive glass bulb, which also acts as a plug-in preventing the water to flow. When the temperature rises around the sprinkler, it activates the sprinkler head into operation. Since the sprinkler heads work independent of each other, only the sprinkler heads where the temperature has risen is activated so that the water pressure is also on a higher side to douse the fire in the proximity. Because of the minimal water consumption compared to the hose stream system, the sprinkler is popular.

In case, the premises have no adequate system in place, you can upgrade the existing to the advanced fire fighting system including the sprinkler systems. Alternatively, if the requirement is for additional sprinklers to be installed, you can opt for the addition of sprinklers too to ensure the highest degree of safety to the occupants and property.

  1. Fire Extinguisher refill

More often, when you notice the incipient-stage fire, you look for a portable fire extinguisher. However, the enthusiasm of finding a nearby extinguisher is dampened when you observe that the extinguisher is empty and is not refilled. The homeowners and business owners alike share such an experience. Therefore, no one should ignore the importance of refilling the extinguishers on time.

You should realize that the extinguisher needs refilling immediately after its use. Even if the content is not discharged completely, the refilling should be done forthwith. The minimum amount of discharge also leads to leakage of the residual agent, and you should refill the agent forthwith.

There are plenty of fire-fighting services in Dubai who undertake the job of examining the extinguishers, and render the refill services besides, supply of new fire extinguishers in case of damaged extinguishers. You should check-up the condition of an extinguisher to ensure that the same is not damaged over a period.

Annual Maintenance Contract

The responsibility of a homeowner or business owner continues beyond the installation of an appropriate fire fighting system. They should ensure that the system is in place for periodical preventive maintenance. You can opt for regular Annual Maintenance Contract wherein the professional would inspect at the scheduled intervals to ensure that the equipment is working properly. You can also call them in case you notice a probable damage. They would be too glad to add any additional requirements or upgrade the existing system with a reasonable charge to meet the increased demand or any other statutory guidelines.

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