AJAX Primero Gold and Archeology Detector Al Jadaf
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Ajax Primero

Primero, the world's first explorer, is a truly new scientific revolution that provides you with everything you need in searches and exploration, advanced sophisticated detection systems and highly effective and innovative search methods for the first time and through Ajax detector technology only, and unique Ajax Primero unique design and distinctive, with which you can Work on all the detection and exploration systems and one device only, and with multiple drivers and high-level settings allow you to control the entire line of your expedition until you reach the target
Ajax Primero device contains 9 different systems specialized in the search and prospecting for gold, metals and burials, with high-level technological performance and new concepts, these systems give you accurate results integrated on the target and detailed
Manual long-range search system
This system features a special search interface that displays the results and coordinates of the search site and the direction of the target path accurately on the search screen, and know your destination and your route on the device in detail.
-Automatic long-range search system
It is called automatic system, because for the first time globally in long-range metal detectors we have provided you with automatic detection system for the target monitored, so that the target name appears on the screen automatically, and it is very interesting to determine the target distance from the point of the device and very accurately, and to be Tracking and Detecting Automatically and Actually After the target is located, the user can automatically see its depth and the result appears on the screen.
Ionic sensing system
Enables rapid identification and detection of ions (charges and atoms) for precious metals buried in the ground, such as gold, silver, bronze, copper and platinum
Gradio Smart System
This system provides an accurate measurement of magnetic changes in the soil, to detect and identify mineral objects and spaces and distinguish between them
Intelligent pulsed induction system - Pulsed induction
Our system can distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as identify caves and spaces.
Pulsed Spectral Analysis System

The system uses gold and metal detectors combined with Pulsed Induction and Spectroscopy, with a unique new technology, Pulsed Spectroscopy, which gives the user three-dimensional images of the target.
Direct scanning system

For the first time in the world, live imaging systems are integrated into the main processing screen of the device without the use of external processing and demonstration programs.
3D ground imaging system
On-screen scanning lets you directly set up full scanning features, such as controlling scanning steps and rows, scanning method, start point, auto-search or manual search, and then start scanning and showing results directly on the screen, with full scan analysis and knowledge. Locate and set goals.
Geophysical Research System

This system works on electro-geophysical surveying and measuring technology, to measure the levels of electrical resistances of the soil, to locate the buried minerals of gold, silver, copper, brass, iron ore, and to locate the caves, tunnels, voids and groundwater.


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